Kim Fowley

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15 Professional Entertainment Skills
Kim Fowley Performs That Are Currently Available:

Melody Writer



Consultant (#1): For The Already Established Management & Booking Entities that are concerned with issues relating to Live Personal Appearances, Corporate & Sports Endorsements and/or Film - Television.

Consultant (#2): For the New Entry Level Artists, Writers, Music Publishers and New Recording Companies that need and require Explanations and Access in order to sell product and make a living in the ever-changing 21st Century entertainment business marketplace.

Consultant (#3): For Fellow entertainment industry professionals and companies that need Concepts, Strategies and Ideas in starting the careers of New artists/personalities or extending the careers of Established artists/personalities.


Promotion: Radio/Retail

Publicist: Print Media
Distribution: Domestic/International
Sound Tracks: Production, Supervision, Words & Music, Vocals and Voice-Over
Actor: Films - Television

Speaker: Motivational - Music Conference - Educational Institutions. Disc-Jockey/Radio Experience.

Master Of Ceremonies: Music Festivals - Charity Events

Any other Entertainment Business Question/Need that you may have... and nobody else may be able to answer is probably within my abilities to settle so you can profit.

As you can see from the list of 15 Entertainment Biz Skills: Kim Fowley is a workaholic. Kim defines himself by his work. To quote John Travolta, "You are what you do."

Dream-maker: That's what Kim Fowley does. He makes all dreams come true as often as possible. Whether it's your dreams, Kim's dreams - or anybody else's dreams. All dreams have a chance to become reality. Anything is possible.

Kim learned at an early age that every successful show biz career starts with an Idea, Concept, Song or Outline. The initial spark needs development. Then for the final step: Outline and follow-through.

To quote Kim Fowley's 5th grade Hero, General Douglas MacArthur: "Preparation is the keynote to victory."

Kim Fowley knows that not everyone is going to work with him and that not everybody is worth working for. Kim started going to movie biz offices/sound stages in 1945-1946, with his film colony parents. In 1959 Kim Fowley worked for Dig Magazine American International Film Studios and Arwin Productions/Records (Doris Day/Marty Melcher).

In those 55 years of movie and music Madness, Glory, Success and Defeat - one thing was noticed: not everybody who had talent - had a career. Not everyone who deserved it and worked hard - even made a living.

Who "made it?" The ones who realized what they could do - could not do - and needed to do. The ones who reinvented themselves and broke patterns of failure had the Lifetime Careers.

Everyone can't do everything. Not even Kim Fowley. But Kim Fowley excels at the 15 skills listed on this page.

Some of you may be in denial about what you can't do. If you don't correct that flaw you will probably fail to obtain your goal. Don't fail.

If you don't work with Kim... work with somebody... and if you work with just yourself: that's possible too... but remember one important thing: every creative entity needs both a sounding board and an audience. Kim could be both. You may reach Kim Fowley c/o address.


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