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Excerpts from an Official, Authorized and Uncensored Kim Fowley autobiography, VAMPIRE FROM OUTER SPACE, are now featured on - tune in to THIS SURPRISING MUSIC BOOK OF LOVE, LUST, LEGEND AND LEGACY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

Sun Records - Hollywood Argyles/Alley Oop Mention
The End Of Innocence - Kim Fowley EMI/U.K. Photo
Waiting for the Sun - Featured in 36 Pages
GLAM! - Featured in 8 Pages
Moonlight Drive - Featured in 12 Pages
Making Tracks - 3 separate Kim Fowley Photos Featured on 2 separate Pages
The Dirt/Motley Crue - Kim Fowley Mentioned On 3 Pages
Behind The Shades Revisited/Bob Dylan - Kim Fowley Featured 2 Pages Mentioned 1 Page
Please Kill Me - Kim Fowley Mention
Test Your Rock IQ - Kim Fowley Mention
Noddy Holder - Multiple Kim Fowley Mentions - First Producer of Slade
Race With The Devil - 3 Pages - Various Mentions Plus Photo. Kim was one of Gene's 7 Producers
Wrong Movements - At last! = Robert mentions the Jimi Hendrix-Kim Fowley connection
Stoned - My friend Andrew from the Silver Sixties name-checked me. We once recorded together as Bo And Peep... wait till you read Stoned 2: Andrew recounts a Kim Fowley and Paul Simon encounter that should raise a few eyebrows.
ATTENTION READER: Excerpts from an Official, Authorized and Uncensored Kim Fowley autobiography, VAMPIRE FROM OUTER SPACE, are now featured on - tune in to THIS SURPRISING MUSIC BOOK OF LOVE, LUST, LEGEND AND LEGACY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.
Who's Who in Rock Music - Kim Fowley Mention
Kim has 5,000 untold stories about 5,000 separate Music and Movie Event Encounters
California Confidential - is a no holds barred confrontational telephone interview in early 2000 when Kim lived in Ireland... the original intent was to be a few simple quotes for a Jan & Dean book; however the writer Stephen McParland got Kim to expound on Myths, Rumors and True Tales of California Paradise circa 1957 - 1965... this is not pleasant reading, folks... however it does point out the horrific and bleak back story to the Sunshine Jungle that inspired the musical and cultural basis of the Gold and Platinum Music of Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, The Murmaids and The Mama's And Papa's... the book is only 95 pages long: 68 pages of the actual interview and a 27 page Appendix - Biographical and Discographical Notes... each page is loaded with venom: truth and motivational explanation... if you're into The Peppermint Dayglo World of the Surf Music Culture and want to know the how's and why's this is a definite read... however I saved my most insightful, brutal and miraculous revelations for VAMPIRES IN OUTER SPACE mentioned elsewhere on this page... California Confidential is a good introduction to who Kim Fowley was... 1957 - 1965... it doesn't mention my Doo-Wop past or Greasy Rock & Roll past... it Only touches the Beach Party monodimensional fables... hey, to the some of you who may worship the Sunshine Jungle, this book is for you...
Jan & Dean In Perspective - Speaking of a back story there is more than one here... writer McParland only used me on 21 pages, but I let it rip... Jan & Dean made some great records no doubt about it; however their road to Surf Music immortality is littered with multiple baggage... this book is 142 pages long and is a very good read... all I can say about Jan & Dean is that they did not go the distance... I got many more years of best selling records than they did on my resume... I see my encounter with Jan & Dean to be exactly the same as my encounter with Hanson... but you'll have to read my book VAMPIRES FROM OUTER SPACE that I have Co-Written with Barney Hoskyns to get the complete stories on both groups... Dear Readers, I have 5,000 stories that range from Frank Sinatra to Elizabeth Taylor and from Elvis Presley to The Germs... apparently I made the Keith Moon book and yes, I was interviewed for both the Dennis Wilson and The Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Starship book... look for my in-depth 1963 - 1969 interview in an upcoming UGLY THINGS MAGAZINE article: conducted by Mike Stax... sure I endorse Jan & Dean In Perspective: the Doo-Wop Everly Brothers meet Garageland...
For details about California Confidential and Jan & Dean In Perspective, e-mail:
Kim Fowley as Guest Writer comments in a full article about the influence in his life of Bill Gavin... prior to Kim's working for Alan Freed.


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