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The first in our series Music For Movies is contained herein:
Music For Movies "Volume One" are 15 Gold Hits done in New Arrangements by New Artists in New 21st Century versions. These hits --- Just as good as the originals, but with a difference : Modern yet More Affordable.
Titles - Music For Movies
"Volume One"
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MP3 Clip
 1. Dancing Queen
 2. Strawberry Fields
 3. Come Together
 4. The Way You Look Tonight
 5. Whoops There It Is
 6. Hot Hot Hot
 7. American Woman
 8. Wild Thing
 9. Hey Joe
10. Sway
11. Dancing Barefoot
12. Heartbeat
13. Mr. Tambourine Man
14. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
15. Rumble

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Nutrocker is a Kim Fowley composition that has been featured in The Butcher Boy (Warner Bros/Geffen films) and Big Mommas House (20th Century Fox).

Nutrocker has been used by Athletic Teams of the USA, England and Romania in 3 Separate Olympics.

Nutrocker is also a theme for The Boston Bruins.

Watch this page for more Music For Movies. Future Volumes will feature Brand New Composed and Recorded Music In The Styles Of The 20th and 21st Century.

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